I Sell Homes!

Using my Customized (for your home) Sales Strategy we will get your home SOLD!


I specialize in actually SELLING homes that did not sell, whether you used an agent or chose to sell it yourself. I understand what a frustrating experience this can be for you. Selling a home is hard emotionally and psychologically and when it does not sell, you believe it is you who failed. In reality that may not be the case.


You already know the 4 Pís, which is what most agents provide when they list your home for sale: Put up a sign, Place it into the MLS, Place it in the paper and Pray that it sells.


I go further, I actually sell your home, not just list it and waste your time. I do this with various strategies of sale. There is a different process to selling a $350,00 condo vs. a $600,00 house and much different than selling a $2.5 million dollar house.


Each buyer is different and every home is unique. You need to have a special approach to sell your home.


I will sell your home by using a Customized Marketing Approach  to get it sold for top dollar.


And guess what, I have a ironclad guaranteeÖ


As a professional, my goal is to make the process of selling your home as easy and successful as possible.


Itís this simple, if I donít sell your home, you can FIRE ME and pay NOTHING. No strings attached. Itís that easy!


But my track record speaks for itself. I have never been fired from selling a home, because they have SOLD!


I can help you sell your home! If it didnít sell while you used someone else, I can tell you why!


You might be frustrated because your house didn't sell, let's talk and get your home sold.


Want to know how I do it?


It costs you nothing to give me a call.

Jonathan Ryan

The Ryan Realty


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